The life in Rybnaya Sloboda yesterday, today…


The life in Rybnaya Sloboda yesterday, today…

Низамеев Ранель Айратович

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение «Гимназия №18 с татарским языком обучения» Приволжского района г. Казани

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ranel’. I welcome you to Rybnaya Sloboda.

And I like to tell you about it. Rybnaya Sloboda is one of the most beautiful places in our republic. It is located on the right bank of the Kama River. It is no secret that every place has its own history. The history of the village of Rybnaya Sloboda started a long time ago. Originally it was a fortress. The first inhabitants settled near the Fortress. They were engaged in fishing, gathering and trade. Later Rybnaya Sloboda became a large rich center. Leather goods, jewelry, woodwork, pottery were developed here. Women were engaged in lace.


In the early 20th century in the village of Rybnaya Sloboda was only five streets: Marketplace (now Soviet), Wet (now Krupskaya), Khiva (now Nekrasova), Arrow (now Brothers Bakirovich). By the way, Brothers Bakirovich is the third name, the second name was Garden street, as there were many gardens. The main street was called Bolshaya (now Lenin). The houses here were large and beautiful. The rich merchants and traders: Zhirnov, Karaganov, Kubarev, Baskakov, Golitsyn, Naumov and others lived here. The trading area was situated in the center of the village. Flour, bread, vegetables, meat, brick and another goods were sold here. In 1886, the newspaper Volzhsky Vestnik published an article stating that Rybnaya Sloboda resembled a small town drowning in greenery. Another important page in the history of the village is the Great Patriotic war. About 12 thousand soldiers from our area and 307 from the village went to the front. 158 of them were killed by the death of the brave. There is a memorial monument which is called “Nobody and nothing is forgotten” in the center of the village of Rybnaya Sloboda. It is a great memory for our people and we never forget our heroes. We are proud of the fact that Rybnaya Sloboda is a home to 8 of heroes of the great Patriotic war. Their names are Shaimardanov, Gizatullin, Ryzhov, Davydov, Rusakov, Merkushev, Petukhov and Sergeyev.

After the war, life in the village is gradually improving. Nowadays there is MTS, the Association “agriculture”, transportation company, the Agrotechnical College, new hospital building, kindergartens, a big central library, two secondary schools, school of art. The administration building, shops, museum, post office, supermarkets, etc. are located on the central street (Lenin).  The village also preserved architectural buildings. They also attract our attention. Another notable feature of the village is the fact that Rybnaya Sloboda is home to the great Tatar writers, poets and actors. They are Vakıf Nurullin, Ravil Faizullin, Mansour Shigapov, Rauza Khairutdinova, Ravil’ Sharafeev and others.

Speaking about the attractions of the village I have to mention the fact that fishing settlement is located on the banks of the Kama river. Of course, fishing is a popular activity of its inhabitants. That’s why our coat of arms represents the fish – the sterlet, which is surrounded by fishing net on the foreground and by the river on the background. The most spectacular places in our town is our beach. The golden sunsets glitter on the water as snow white yachts and boats sail lazily around the coast. Lots of people have a rest in summer here. You can play different outdoor games, or you can swim and fish here. Lots of married couples visit these places to have their photos.


Furthermore, the sport is very popular in Rybnaya Sloboda. Now we are making our way to Sport Complex “Dolphin” where you can find your own way to be healthy. It stands majestically in the center of our town. Playing hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, boating, swimming, cycling and running are very popular in Rybnaya Sloboda. Moreover, in winter there are four skating rinks, where everyone can spend their free time.

The population of Rybnaya Sloboda accounts for 30 thousand people. 77 % are Tatars, 22 % – Russians, 1 % – other nationalities. To understand a nation you should know its customs and holidays. A lot of holidays are celebrated here. However, Sabantuy and Maslenitsa have become the most favourite for all. Sabantuy is a traditional Tatar holiday – the holiday of the plow with songs, dances, games. As for Maslenitsa, it is a traditional Russian holiday with pancakes, songs, dances, games. These celebrations unite people of different nationalities. In short, people in our village know how to work and relax.

There is a Mosgue and a Chapel in our district. The inhabitants can prove the opportunity of the joint life and activity in conditions of respect, mutual understanding and support. Side by side live both Christians, and Muslims. People of different nationalities must reveal creative abilities and spiritual richness.


Rybnaya Sloboda is always welcome to guests. That’s all I wanted to say. I hope very much that you have enjoyed this tour. Thank you and goodbye.



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